Slides of talks

  1. Aida Abiad, On eigenvalue bounds for the independence and chromatic number of graph powers and its applications
  2. Sam Adriaensen, On the minimum size of linear sets
  3. Clementa Alonso-Gonzalez, Motzkin Numbers and Flag Codes
  4. Jose Andres Armario, Self-dual Butson bent sequences
  5. Vishnuram Arumugam, The Suzuki and Ree groups cannot act primitively on the points of a finite generalised quadrangle
  6. Robert Bailey, Block-colourings of star systems
  7. Sara Ban, Cyclic self-orthogonal Z2k-codes constructed from generalized Boolean functions
  8. Santiago Barrera Acevedo, A Framework for Classifying Cocyclic Hadamard Matrices of order 8p
  9. Nino Bašić, A relation between vertex and edge orbits in nut graphs
  10. Dominik Beck, Fourth Moment of Random Determinant
  11. Patrick  Browne, Segre’s theorem on ovals in Desarguesian projective planes
  12. Marco Buratti, Meet my favorite net
  13. Andrea Burgess, Burning Steiner triple systems
  14. Lei Chen, Vertex-primitive s-arc-transitive digraphs of almost simple groups
  15. Nancy Clarke, Reconfiguration for Dominating Sets
  16. Stefaan De Winter, Projective Two-Weight Sets
  17. Jozefien D’haeseleer, The chromatic number of some generalized Kneser graphs
  18. Ronan  Egan, A survey of complex generalized weighing matrices, and a construction of quantum error-correcting codes
  19. Alena Ernst, Erd\H{o}s-Ko-Rado theorems for finite general linear groups
  20. Raul Falcon, The Hadamard quasigroup product of orthogonal Latin squares
  21. Blas Fernández, On the trivial T-module of a graph
  22. Mario Galici, Extensions of Steiner Loops of Projective Type
  23. Qendrim Gashi, On a Problem Involving Strongly Orthogonal Roots
  24. Alexander Gavrilyuk, On strongly regular graphs decomposable into a divisible design graph and a coclique
  25. Ana Grbac, Block designs from self-dual codes obtained from Paley designs and Paley graphs
  26. Habibul Islam, Construction of Galois LCD MDS Codes
  27. Yulia Kempner, Violator Spaces and Greedoids
  28. Hadi Kharaghani, Balanced designs related to projective planes
  29. Antonina Khramova, Sum-rank-metric graphs and eigenvalue bounds for network coding
  30. Vedran Krčadinac, New constructions of higher dimensional Hadamard matrices and SBIBDs
  31. Jesse Lansdown, Rank 3 graphs and the Delsarte and Hoffman bounds
  32. Stefano Lia, A geometrical picture: semifields and non-singular sublines
  33. Roghayeh Maleki, Distance-regular graphs with classical parameters which support a uniform structure: case q\leq 1 (Part 1)
  34. Jonathan Mannaert, Some non-existence results on  m-ovoids in finite classical polar spaces
  35. Ivica Martinjak, Refined Enumeration of the Catalan Family of Alternating Sign Matrices
  36. Francesca Merola, Harmonious coloring of the incidence graph of a design
  37. Alessandro Montinaro, On flag-transitive symmetric 2-designs arising from Cameron-Praeger construction
  38. Giusy Monzillo, Distance-regular graphs with classical parameters that support a uniform structure: case q \ge 2 (Part 2)
  39. Nina Mostarac, s-PD-sets for codes from projective planes PG(2,2^h), 5 \leq h\leq 9
  40. Lucia Moura, Cover-free families on hypergraphs
  41. Matteo Mravić, Some new extremal Z4-codes of lengths 32 and 40
  42. Anamari Nakić, On the additivity of 2-(v,k,\lambda) designs
  43. Padraig Ó Catháin, The Hadamard maximal determinant problem
  44. Daniel Panario, Trade-Based LDPC Codes
  45. Francesco Pavese, On r-general sets in finite projective spaces
  46. Safet Penjić, On (non)symmetric association schemes and associated family of graphs
  47. David Pike, Colourings of Path Systems
  48. Tomaž Pisanski, A Strategy for Generating Polycyclic Configurations
  49. Luka Podrug, Beyond Fibonacci cubes and Pell graphs
  50. Cheryl Praeger, Novel constructions of normal covers of the complete bipartite  graphs  K_{2^n,2^n}
  51. Andriaherimanana Sarobidy Razafimahatratra, An Erd\H{o}s-Ko-Rado theorem for transitive groups of degree a product of two odd primes
  52. Bernardo Rodrigues, On two-weight codes invariant under the 3-fold covers of the Mathieu groups M_{22} and Aut(M_{22})
  53. Amruta Shinde, Another generalization for measure of fault tolerance in hypercubes
  54. Robin Simoens, Minimum weight of the code from intersecting lines in PG(3,q)
  55. Valentino Smaldore, On regular systems of finite classical polar spaces
  56. Patrick Solé, A notion of bent sequences based on Hadamard matrices
  57. Tanja Stojadinović, The number of Hamiltonian paths in a digraph
  58. Leo Storme, Applications of finite geometries
  59. Ana Šumberac, Codes from quasi-symmetric designs
  60. Kristijan Tabak, Dual incidences arising from a subsets of spaces
  61. Vladimir Tonchev, Ternary self-dual codes, Hadamard matrices and related designs
  62. Adrián Torres-Martín, Partial permutation decoding for Z_{p^s}-linear generalized Hadamard codes
  63. Zeying Wang, Some Results on Partial Difference Sets
  64. Ian Wanless, Relations on nets and MOLS
  65. Charlene Weiß, Existence of small ordered orthogonal arrays
  66. Sjanne Zeijlemaker, On the diameter and zero forcing number of some graph classes in the Johnson, Grassmann and Hamming association scheme
  67. Yuliya Zelenyuk, Counting Symmetric Bracelets
  68. Tin Zrinski, Genetic algorithms in constructions of block designs and SRGs
  69. Matea Zubović, Constructions of directed regular graphs from groups